Fred Willard arrested at Tiki Theater

Fred Willard was arrested wednesday night for (allegedly) jacking off in the Tiki Theater in Los Angeles. Christine Pelisek at The Daily Beast has the best coverage: The Tale Behind Fred Willard’s Arrest in an Adult Film Theater.

Everyone’s first question is, Why would anyone go to a movie theater to jack off in 2012? Who knew that XXX movie theaters still existed? My best guess is there’s some retro appeal, like middle-class women who make their own soap.

According to Cinema Treasures, the Tiki Theater is “the only theatre showing straight porn in the greater metropolitan Los Angeles area. Screening video/DVD on a very small screen, it use to have girls stripping between triple-features, but no longer.”

Tiki Theater, Los Angeles

Tiki Theater, Los Angeles

A nearly exact replica shows up in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Tiki Theater in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Tiki Theater in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

If the LAPD has its way, the Tiki Theater won’t be around much longer. From the Daily Beast story:

“Police come here for routine checking,” says Jafor, a native of Bangladesh who sits in a cloudy glass ticket booth at the front of the theater house, handing patrons a yellow ticket good for four hours before they step through the turnstile (the sign above reads “Money No Back”). “They [police] have come here many many times. Sometimes four or five times a week. They are checking to see if people are drinking or jacking off.”

Jafor says police have stopped by the theater more than 40 times since Nov. 26, 2011, and have arrested 23 people. “It has happened many, many times,” he says. “Sometimes we see pants open.”

According to TMZ, Willard might beat the rap based on the wording of the California anti-public-jackoff law, which makes it illegal only within view of people who “might be offended”. The other four patrons of the Tiki Theater were unlikely to be offended by a fellow nostalgic raincoater, reasons TMZ.

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