Prince Harry scandal

Can someone explain this scandal to me? A famous person was naked in his own hotel room. Some asshole snapped some photos. Said asshole sold the photos to some other assholes, who published the photos. Still more assholes republished the photos and tsktsked the famous person for his shockingly immoral behavior.

I have a confession to make.

I too have been naked in hotel rooms. I have taken showers in hotel rooms, totally naked. I have walked around hotel rooms naked even after finishing my shower. I have gotten naked and masturbated in hotel rooms. I have gotten naked and had sex with other naked people in hotel rooms.

Admittedly I’ve never played strip billiards with mystery women in a Las Vegas VIP suite, but I wouldn’t pass up the chance. Any takers?

This scandal raises all sorts of tricky ethical questions which I’m wholly unqualified to judge. But here’s my view anyway: between (a) the person who walked around his hotel room naked, (b) the person who secretly snapped photos and (c) the people who purchased and published the photos, the naked guy deserves tsktsking least.

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