Rod Stewart addresses stomach pump urban legend

After decades of ignoring it, Rod Stewart has finally addressed his urban legend.

The story went (completely true, my older brother told me) that Rod Stewart got sick after a concert and had to get his stomach pumped — and it turned out he had swallowed a quart of cum. says that this urban legend has been told about many different artists, but it was always Rod Stewart when I heard it.

In his new autobiography, Stewart claims that a fired publicist disseminated the story as revenge in 1982.

And Gawker has a video clip of Stewart telling the same story to pervy Katie Couric.

Several Gawker commenters dispute the year, insisting that the story dates to the 1970s. That’s my recollection too. I was in college in 1982, and I’m pretty sure I heard this story in high school or junior high.

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