Exeter University Safer Sex Ball CCTV video scandal

Exeter University students have been holding an annual Safer Sex Ball for twenty years. The event raises money for an AIDS awareness charity. The dress code and party decorations have gotten racier over the years. It looks like fun.

At the latest Ball in December, two students had a quick tryst next to a pool table. The coupling was captured by a closed-circuit surveillance camera, and the next day someone with access to the CCTV footage copied it to a smartphone. Pretty soon the video went, as they say, viral.

Exeter Safer Sex Ball 2013 CCT sex Video

Here’s one news outlet’s account of the sex video:

The randy pair – a blonde in an ultra-short skirt and a male student wearing shorts, a cape and a headband – joined revellers for the annual charity bash on December 12.

But rather than heeding the safe sex message the brazen couple enjoyed a steamy sessions before having oral sex beside a pool table.

The footage shows the pair zip up and dash off in opposite directions when a fellow guest nearly catches them in the act.

There was a similar incident in Shrewsbury last August. Considering that every square foot of England is now covered by surveillance cameras, the only surprise is this doesn’t happen more often.

Daze Reader hasn’t found a copy of the Exeter video yet (anyone?).

YouTube has a collection of videos from past Exeter Safer Sex Balls, some professionally edited and some shot on participants’ phones.

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  • Loren January 17, 2013, 9:39 am

    But the important question isn’t answered: Did they use a condom?

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