Hollywood moral panic over CAA Sundance party

The Hollywood press is manufacturing an odd little moral panic over a Sunday night party thrown by Creative Artists Agency (CAA) at the Sundance Film Festival. The Hollywood Reporter reports:

CAA’s packed event at the Claim Jumper space on Main Street included a team of barely dressed, pole-shimmying burlesque dancers from Simon Hammerstein’s The Act LV, a risque revue based at the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas. At least one of them upped the ante by dancing with a strap-on penis, which sources say she used during an extended routine to tease the photo-snapping crowd of CAA clients, film executives and other festival-goers (party guests included Nicole Kidman and Evan Rachel Wood, among others). Two dancers also performed what was described by a source as a simulated sex act on a bed in the party space. … The act was too suggestive for at least one female party-goer, who tells The Hollywood Reporter she was offended and left the event.

Fellow shrinking violets at Deadline.com join in the feigned fainting spell over “the party where guests according to THR were busy snapping photos of the women performing. Hard to believe this is 2013 and the Industry’s grown men still act like this.”

Readers who are not so easily shocked can check out a short video preview of The Act LV at its website.

Note to the Deadline team: in 2013, it would be unbelievable if people were NOT snapping photos at a party.

THR and Deadline do disagree on one key point. THR quotes CAA’s ass-covering semi-apology: “We regret if this created an uncomfortable setting for any of our guests.” But Deadline insists, “Nikki Finke, who’s ill, reports that CAA is not apologetic for the party.” Hopefully they can resolve this issue soon.

To summarize: a Hollywood agency hires a Las Vegas burlesque revue to perform at its private party. One person gets offended and leaves early. Other partygoers enjoy the act. THR and Deadline think we should be shocked and outraged.

Several commenters call the Deadline team on its bullshit:

Your attempt at shaming people for their sexuality is backwards and misguided. Hard to believe this is 2013 and grown adults still get upset about sex.
* * *
“Hard to believe”? Seriously? You cover Hollywood, guys. Enough with the fake outrage.
* * *
Why are you guys faking outrage at something so trivial?
* * *
You guys do work in Hollywood right? Go to any Hollywood after-party. Dildos Galore.

And this one cracked me up:

What I find more offensive is the fact that CAA held a party at Claim Jumper.

True, there’s a scandal worth getting riled up over.

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