Ira Isaacs sent to prison

Yucky porn producer Ira Isaacs was sentenced to four years in federal prison this week. Isaacs was found guilty of obscenity charges last year in his third trial, after two earlier trials ended in mistrials.

Isaacs made and sold scat porn — girls pooping, eating poop, having sex covered in poop — and bestiality porn — girls having sex with animals. The obscenity charges for which he was finally convicted covered four releases: Mako’s First Time Scat, Hollywood Scat Amateurs #7, Hollywood Scat Amateurs #10 and Japanese Doggie 3 Way. Which makes me wonder, were Hollywood Scat Amateurs #8 and #9 not so bad? Did some federal prosecutor (or more likely an intern or paralegal) sit down and watch all of Isaacs’ ouevre and decide which titles were the most obscene?

Prosecutors tried to boost Isaacs’ sentence by proposing a “vulnerable victims” element to his crimes. The judge rejected this argument, reasoning that the performers in Isaacs’ videos were consenting, compensated adults.

But Isaacs might have gotten off with a lighter sentence if not for his post-conviction actions. XBiz reports:

[Judge George] King, in his ruling over sentencing, denied Isaacs a break from federal sentencing guidelines, saying that there was “no material difference” in the types of videos he was selling after his obscenity conviction in April.

In September, King called off a sentencing hearing after new evidence was introduced by prosecutors that included testimony from an LAPD officer who said Isaacs appeared on a KFI-AM talk radio show hosted by David Cruz, asking listeners towards the end of the show to visit his now-defunct site,, and buy videos.

The LAPD officer ordered and received through the U.S. mail four videos — Euro Scat Girls, My Pony Lover, Violet: Dog and Pig Fuckers and Hot Girl With Dogs — that weren’t part of the Isaacs obscenity trial.

I’m an open-minded, kink-friendly guy, big on the First Amendment, and granted these were victimless crimes (except for the poor doggies), but I have a hard time working up any outrage over Ira Isaacs going to prison. He fought the law and the law won.

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