Jodi Arias trial nude photos uncensored

In case you don’t follow crime news, Jodi Arias is currently on trial for murdering boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008. Arias initially told detectives she was in another state on the day of the murder. However, the police found a digital camera in the house, which contained nude photos that Arias and Alexander had taken of each other hours before the murder.

Last week, those photos were shown in court. The live TV feed of the trial displayed the photos uncensored. They were relevant to the case because the timestamps showed when Arias and Alexander were together. News coverage of that day’s testimony emphasized the “explicit” and “graphic” nude photos displayed in court. For example, this Huffington Post article features tags for “Jodi Arias Naked, Jodi Arias Nude, Jodi Arias Nude Photos, Jodi Arias Photos, Jodi Arias Sex Photos”.

However, the only photos accompanying these articles have the nudity pixellated or black-barred. You can see gruesome shots of the victim post-murder at Huffington Post, but no boobs or genitals. Googling “jodi arias naked” (yes, I’m going to hell) brought up the same censored photos at dozens of sites. This offends me on so many levels — free speech absolutist, polymorphous pervert, make-love-not-war hippie, information-wants-to-be-free nerd. Since the courtroom TV feed is archived in many places, making new uncensored screenshots was easy if tedious.

If you don’t want to see naked photos (some quite explicit) of murderer and murder victim, run away now.

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