Risa Koda, retired Japanese AV star, publishes memoirs at age 27

Risa Koda made her adult video debut in 2005 at age 19, switched from hardcore to softcore in 2007, branched out into pop music and film acting, and retired from porn in 2008.

In late 2008, she and her boyfriend, tennis player Joji Miyao, were arrested from drug possession — less than a gram of marijuana and 0.027 grams of “stimulants” (I’ve never found a source that specifies which stimulant). She was busted again for possession in early 2009 and ended up doing prison time.

Now she’s free and clean and 27, and she just published her memoirs entitled Izonsho (Addiction). From Tokyo Reporter‘s summary of a tabloid interview:

“Back then, I was dependent upon my parents, my friends, and a boyfriend,” says the 27-year-old. “I had no self-discipline. I just let myself float around, going through a worthless existence.”

In the end, she reached a stage where she had become dependent upon illicit drugs.

“I was such a fool because I jeopardized an opportunity for gaining self-esteem through my work as a porn actress.”

We probably won’t get an English translation of the book, alas.

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