Sex workers review The Sessions

I’m not planning to see The Sessions, but I really enjoyed this colloquy by two “shamelessly non-licensed paid sex-havers” at Tits and Sass.

C: So Cheryl, the emphatically NOT A PROSTITUTE character—she rubbed me the wrong way from the moment she showed up late and wasn’t apologetic. Again, unprofessional! And she makes such a fuss about how professional she is, and how her professional conduct is part of what sets her apart from prostitutes.

B: THAT is unprofessional. Showing up late, and then immediately going on the defensive.

C: And it was so uncool when she was immediately up in arms about the money being on the desk. He cannot walk. He cannot move his arms. He cannot physically hand it to you.

B: He could probably pull it out of under his pillow with his mouth?

The autobiographical magazine piece on which the movie is based — “On Seeing A Sex Surrogate” by Mark O’Brien — is available online and definitely worth reading. (In the original, he puts the money on the dresser, and surrogate Cheryl does not get mad.)