Kink documentary debuts at Sundance

The new documentary Kink takes viewers behind the scenes at the BDSM porn empire. The documentary, directed by Christina Voros and produced by James Franco, debuts this week at the Sundance Film Festival. This post will be a repository of links & info about the film.

Official movie website:

Blurb from the press kit: “In a particularly obscure corner of an industry that operates largely out of public view,’s directors and models strive for authenticity. In an enterprise often known for exploitative practices, upholds an ironclad set of values to foster an environment that is safe, sane, and consensual.”

Lame tagline: “If porn were high school, they’d be the goth table.” Seriously, folks, that’s terrible.

Fairly tame online trailer:

The Daily Beast has a good article about company and film based on interviews with Franco, Voros, Peter Acworth (founder of, TomCat (a director) and Aurora Snow (a pornstar who had a negative experience shooting for

The LA Times interviews Franco and Voros. Not as interesting or in-depth as the Beast piece.

No theatrical release date set yet.

Check out the real thing, if you dare: – the flagship site – gay kink flagship
Behind Kink – official blog – photos & clips from latest shoots
Kink on Demand – a la carte streaming/downloads