Susannah Breslin at AVN

Susannah Breslin went to Adult Entertainment Expo and the AVN Awards and reported back on the dreary state of the porn industry for Forbes.

Jan 18: In The Valley Of The Porn Star Dolls includes an interview with Jim Powers, who moonlights in real estate these days. “I’m marketing myself as Mr. Chatsworth. Think about it. Who knows the Valley better than me? I’ve shot in all these houses.”

Jan 21: The Business Of Porn has photos of and quotes from assorted AEE attendees.

Jan 25: Porn Blind includes chance encounters with Houston (making a comeback) and Max Hardcore (who glowers). Breslin compares this year’s cut-rate AVN awards ceremony with the lavish extravaganzas of a decade ago.

Elsewhere: if, like Daze, you’re disappointed that Fashion Police did an hour-long SAG awards special but ignored AVN entirely, check out some red carpet photos.