Grammy Dress Code Violations

It’s difficult to tell if CBS’s Wardrobe Advisory email had any impact on Grammys fashions. Maybe someone was planning an outrageously revealing outfit, then scaled it back after CBS’s call to modesty. But the warning email was the subject of much bemused comment on the red carpet, and a few popstars offered mild resistance.

Most notably, Rihanna’s right nipple challenged CBS’s injunction against “sheer see-through clothing that could possibly expose female breast nipples”.

Rihanna Grammys 2013 nipple

Katy Perry and Kelly Rowland flaunted “under curvature of the breasts” even though CBS declared that “problematic”.

Katy Perry & Kelly Rowland Grammys 2013 Under Curvature

Skylar Gray, lead singer of Reach For The Skylar, showed off sideboob and a lovely tattoo.

Sklar Gray sideboob & owl tattoo Grammys 2013

Some fashion chatters include Jennifer Lopez as a wardrobe advisory resister. Says one, “This year she decided to turn heads again with a slit cut so high up her leg that her Virginia almost made a cameo.” Take it from a rare fashionista who enjoys looking at vaginas, almost doesn’t count. Thigh is thigh, and the memo said nothing about thigh.