Sex Tape Hype Etiquette

The classic celebrity sex tapes were true amateur productions for private enjoyment that somehow leaked out.

Nowadays, many celebrity sex tapes are just marginal celebrities doing one-off porn flicks, conceived and created for public consumption and a quick payday. For the sake of marketing, the marginal celebrities often pretend that these were true amateur productions and they’re shocked that the tape somehow leaked out and they’ll take legal action against anyone who tries to release it. It’s all a game, and the celebrity gossip press usually plays along.

But in my opinion, there should be some standards. If your sex tape is produced by Vivid, with an established porn star as your sex tape boyfriend, and you’re photographed together leaving the Vivid building, and you start hyping the sex tape the very next day, you shouldn’t be allowed to use the “just a personal video” and “my lawyers will sue” ploys.

Seriously, that just insults our intelligence.