Nipple and Areola Tattooing Trend

The lastest idiotic cosmetic surgery trend in the news: women getting their breasts tattooed to make their areolae look bigger, darker and more defined. For now it seems to be mostly a British craze. From the Telegraph: Nipple tattooing sweeps UK as women strive for ‘perfect boobs’. From the Daily Beast: Nipple Tattoos Increase in Popularity in U.K.

Nipple and areola tattooing for women who have undergone mastectomies has been around for a while. This is perfectly understandable. What’s new is purely cosmetic tattooing to achieve some nipple ideal or to fix some perceived nipple flaw. This is just stupid.

Jezebel rightfully criticizes this trend: Nipple Tattoos Exist Because Your Tits Will Never Be Good Enough. Thankfully the Jezebel blogger resists the urge to blame this trend on men or porn.

Another Daily Beast column argues: Forget Tittooing — Small Nipples Have Always Been the Platonic Ideal. This strikes me as equally stupid. Why does there have to be an “ideal” nipple type? Variety is the spice of boobs.