Rob Black interview and new podcast series

The Daily Beast has an interview with porn director Rob Black, who spent a year in prison on obscenity charges in 2009-2010. He resumed his career after doing his time, and he recently launched a tell-all online radio show. (His wife/collaborator Lizzie Borden also did a year in prison and also resumed her career afterwards.)

I haven’t heard his radio show, but in the interview Black comes across as a whiny egomaniac. Too much “I’m a revolutionary” and “I’m a victim” gets on my nerves. For the record, the feds did not target him and Borden for shooting interracial sex or using transsexual performers or breaking rules that everyone in the porn biz was breaking. They were targeted for producing hardcore abduction/rape/torture/murder scenarios. They were also targeted for pushing grossout porn further than anyone else in the mainstream industry back then — women vomiting and then reingesting their vomit; women given enemas, pooping into a bowl, then pouring the poop water over their heads (see this old Adult DVD Talk thread). One can make the First Amendment case in defense of extreme pornography, and I agree that he and Borden did not belong in prison, but at least be honest about what those extremes consisted of.

It’s also not true that the porn biz has shunned Rob Black since he got out of prison. He has worked steadily for Exquisite Films, mostly making high-end (by porn standards) superhero parody flicks like Captain America XXX, Iron Man XXX, Supergirl XXX, Batgirl XXX and the Justice League of Pornstar Superheroes. He received XBiz and AVN Award nominations for his 2011 and 2012 work (granted, they nominate pretty much everyone). AVN inducted Black into its Hall of Fame in 2012.

I wish the interview had dealt more with Rob Black’s criticisms of unsafe or shady industry practices. He has a must-read Tumblr site which covers these topics in more detail. That site also has lots of photographs of Black and Borden in prison.