LA Times runs op-ed, editorial cartoon and poll over condom mandate

The LA Times has an op-ed column and editorial cartoon by David Horsey regarding the new Los Angeles County condom mandate for porn shoots. He opens with this unsurprising observation:

The new law in Los Angeles County requiring actors in pornographic films to wear condoms seems merely to have pushed the smutty movie industry into the quiet residential areas of unincorporated Ventura County.

Many pornographers threatened to move the industry from LA if the condom referendum passed. For now, it appears they’re staying in the LA area but driving outside the law’s reach for shoots. Horsey later reports:

Ventura County residents have been registering complaints about strange sights and sounds in neighboring homes.

“It’s really disturbing,” Tim Gray, a 56-year-old father of four, told the Los Angeles Times. “We were eating dinner and we heard these loud sounds outside, like something really bad had happened. I went outside and heard, well, the typical sounds you’d hear in a porn movie. It was echoing all over the neighborhood.”

Ventura County officials are now proposing their own condom requirement, hoping that will get the pornographers to keep on traveling to the next county.

This LA Times page also has an awkwardly worded online poll: “Will L.A.’s condom mandate for porn prove counterproductive?” Responses are currently running 84% for YES, meaning opposed to the condom mandate. As usual with online polls, this landslide probably does not reflect public opinion but simply indicates which side has been more successful in gaming the poll.