Gwyneth Paltrow, Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis

People magazine named Gwyneth Paltrow the “Most Beautiful Woman in the World”. Its most recent “Sexiest Man Alive” was Channing Tatum. Meanwhile Mila Kunis has been named the “Sexiest Women Alive” by Esquire, the “Most Fuckable Celebrity” by Details, and the “Sexiest Woman In The World” by FHM.

Here’s my question: why always actors? Nothing against these three, who are all objectively attractive people, but what’s so exceptionally sexy about actors? Hollywood actors generally exude a blend of self-importance and shallowness that I find grating and unsexy. Plus Kunis is sleeping with Ashton Kutcher and Paltrow is sleeping with the Coldplay guy, which further undermines any fantasy element for me.

The most beautiful woman in the world today is probably a recent high school graduate in the Ukraine or Ireland or South Korea.

Worth a read: “Most Gwyneth!” by Paul Rudnick in The New Yorker.