Scandalized Twits in Stuy Town and Star Trek

From the New York Post: Stuy Town tenants fume over bikini beauties sunbathing in children’s playground. Busybodies at the Stuyvesant Town apartment complex in Manhattan are outraged that young women are sunbathing (OMG!) in bikinis (OMG!!) on the communal lawn. One resident actually wrote “Think of the children!” on a residents website, with no detectable irony. Another told a reporter, “This used to be a very strait-laced community. The sunbathing is tasteless, it’s not very classy, and it doesn’t belong in a mixed residential development.” One heroic resistance leader responded, “This is so ridiculous. The sun’s out. It’s summer. People are going to be tanning.” That’s the spirit! Fight the power! If cute girls can’t lie out in the sun, the terrorists have won.


Meanwhile, other busybodies are outraged over a beautiful woman appearing onscreen in a Hollywood movie wearing only bra and panties. The director and screenwriter have been forced to “confess” and “apologize” for this “misogynistic” and “gratuitous” moment of beauty.


First, it’s not “misogynistic” to find beautiful women beautiful. Second, have any of those outraged ever actually watched Star Trek? Gratuitous cheesecake was a staple of the original series, often gratuitous cheesecake featuring intelligent, accomplished female characters. There’s no contradiction there except in the minds of anti-beauty fanatics. Third, please no one tell these people about Game of Thrones.