Friday Reads

Found around the web:

At Forbes: Susannah Breslin takes a pole dancing class at an all-female gym. “We were like a tribe of Amazons, but with more spandex.” Insane lesbian orgy ensues. Not really.

At The New Yorker: Mindy Kaling promotes free kissing, a limited form of free love. “Enduring, committed relationships are wonderful and sacred things. I hope to enter into a really good one at some point. However, kissing new people is also one of the great joys in life, and I believe the two should be able to coexist peacefully.”

At Chronicle of Higher Education: Camille Paglia disses academic scholarship on BDSM. “It is unclear whether the grave problems with these books stemmed from the authors’ wary job maneuvering in a depressed market or were imposed by an authoritarian academic apparatus of politically correct advisers and outside readers. But the result is a deplorable waste. What could and should have been enduring contributions to both scholarship and cultural criticism have been deeply damaged by the authors’ rote recitation of theoretical clich├ęs.”