Virginia Governor Candidate Wants to Ban Oral and Anal Sex

Ken Cuccinelli, the current Attorney General of Virginia and Republican candidate for Governor in the 2013 election, wants to reinstate the state’s “Crimes Against Nature” law. Whether he thinks it’s a winning issue or just thinks it’s really important, Cuccinelli is making the anti-sodomy issue a centerpiece of his campaign.

The “Crimes Against Nature” law banned all oral and anal sex between consenting adults in Virginia. The 2003 Supreme Court ruling in Lawrence v Texas declared sodomy laws unconstitutional. Virginia defiantly kepts its law on the books. In March 2013, a federal appeals court declared Virginia’s law still unconstitutional.

Cuccinelli is disingenuously attempting to frame the issue as protecting children from sexual predators. As Slate points out, “Never mind that rape is already illegal, child molestation is already illegal, and statutory rape is already illegal.” And as Think Progress points out, Cuccinelli aggressively fought efforts to craft a new state sex crimes law that respected the Lawrence ruling.

Are there really people out there in 2013 who believe it’s the government’s job to monitor which sex acts are being performed in private by consenting adults? Mind-boggling as it sounds, the answer is yes. This fascist prudery must be fought tooth and nail, tongue and anus. Cuccinelli must go down.

Many less serious-minded folks have pointed out that the first half of this fascist prude’s last name sounds like a slang term for vagina. This should provide plenty of fodder for jokey pro- and anti-Cuccinelli slogans.