Shea Allen, Bra-less and Un-employed Reporter

This story is a few weeks old, but it still puzzles me.

Shea Allen, a TV reporter in Alabama, was fired after posting “No Apologies: Confessions of a Red Headed Reporter” on her personal blog. The list of ten confessions began with:

1. I’ve gone bra-less during a live broadcast and no one was the wiser.

For this confession, the TV station fired her.

Shea Allen, possibly bra-less

Ex-TV reporter Shea Allen, possibly bra-less

So I’ve been trying to figure out exactly why she got fired. Was it because she appeared on-air without wearing a bra? Or because the word “bra-less” is obscene? Or more generally because female reporters should never mention their lady parts or lady-specific underthings?

The first possibility seems unlikely. TV reporters usually wear loose-fitting, layered, businessy attire, so how would anyone know? If she appeared on-air wearing a tight white t-shirt with no bra while covering a funeral or something, I could maybe understand, but then the station chiefs wouldn’t have needed her blog “confession” to recognize the impropriety.

The second possibility also seems unlikely. We can argue whether “bra-less” really needs a hyphen, but the word is no more outrageous than “briefs” or “boxers” or other underwear-related words that reporters have used without being fired.

The third reason seems most likely. Allen was fired because the “bra-less” confession revealed that she has breasts and wears (sometimes) bras. Apparently female TV reporters are supposed to keep this information private, even when they’re off the clock.

As an openly acknowledged old fart, I’m constantly surprised by the degree of online personal revelation that’s standard these days. In this 2013 cultural context, the idea of anyone being shocked by a female professional discussing bras or lack thereof on her blog strikes me as bizarre. If she confessed to secretly wearing a We-Vibe and having multiple orgasms while covering a 9/11 memorial, I could maybe understand the firing, but the “bra-less” fuss I just don’t get.

Maybe there’s more to it than that, maybe I’m missing something. That’s possible; I miss a lot these days.

In the spirit of Shea Allen, here’s a shocking confession of my own. I once scratched my balls while writing a blog post. Good thing I’m self-employed.