Penis Biting Commonwealth Roundup

Penis biting in the news …

Dateline Dover, Kent, England: Toothless man, 41, bit his neighbour’s manhood ‘like a sandwich’ in a row over loud music. Jason Martin chomped down on Richard Henderson’s penis during a fight over loud music, nearly severing it despite having only two intact teeth. Highlights from the defendant’s testimony:

Martin strenuously denied the charges and said: ‘The thought of putting a man’s penis in my mouth. Well, it’s not for me. Not in a million years would I do it.’

He only admitted to grabbing Mr Henderson’s ‘bits and bobs’ as he tried to defend himself during the scuffle.

Photographs of the injury were later shown to the six man-six women jury panel after they were warned: ‘They don’t make pleasant viewing.’

The court heard how Martin still had blood around his mouth when police interviewed him, but the defendant claimed it was from a ‘fat lip’ he received from a punch.

Meanwhile in Tugun, Queensland, Australia: Anthony Watts banned for penis bite during rugby league match. Watts used to play for the Sydney Roosters in the National Rugby League until getting released over disciplinary problems. Now he plays for the minor-league Tugun Seahawks and rides with the Finks bikie gang. Two weeks ago, he bit a Bilambil Jets player’s penis after being tackled near the tryline. That spot of unsportsmanlike behavior was captured on video, shown on local news and eventually posted to YouTube.

The Seahawks won the Bycroft Cup grand final (league championship game) without Watts. He has been suspended for the first eight games of next season, but his pro career is probably finished anyway.