Regarding Sex Blog History

Dangerous Lilly and Eros Blog and Susannah Breslin and Eros Blog again recently wrote about the early history of “sex blogs”. One recurring question: Which was the first sex blog (assuming we can agree on what “sex blog” entails)? Other luminaries like Debra Hyde and Dan Lyke have weighed in. This blog was mentioned.

For the record, Daze Reader launched in October 2000. For the first year or two I didn’t use blogging software, just added each new post in HTML and reuploaded the home page, then manually compiled a weekly archive every Sunday. That stuff is not online now, though I have it all archived somewhere offline.

Debra Hyde was definitely already sexblogging at Pursed Lips before I started. She was one of my chief role models.

There was another sex news blog before me called Billy Wildhack. It was mostly news items about funny sex crimes with crass, witless commentary. It was my chief negative role model, as in “holy fuck, I could do this a thousand times better than this asshole”.

Nick UrfĂ© started in 2001. Not a candidate for “first”, but definitely deserves mention as one of the best early sex bloggers.

So my best guess for first sex blog would be Pursed Lips.

ADDED: Dan Lyke mentions that Mouth Organ was around by early 1999. And Scarlet Letters launched in 1998, though it wasn’t really a “blog”.