2014 China Adult Care (aka Sex) Expo in Shanghai

The 11th annual China Adult Care Expo — also known as the China International Adult Toys & Reproductive Health Exhibition, or more simply the Shanghai Sex Expo — took place last weekend in Shanghai.

TimeOut Shanghai explained in its preview, “the Adult Care Expo is one of Asia’s largest sex toy and adult industry get togethers with over 100 exhibitors expected to be showing off their wares. … In addition to all manner of sex toys and sex health products, you can expect lingerie shows, guest appearances from Japanese actresses and a display of ‘Chinese sex relics’ alongside educational programmes related to AIDS/HIV and reproductive health.”

Youth.cn has a gallery of 15 photos from the event. Raciness but no nudity — the site’s editors even saw fit to pixellate out a glimpse of mannequin nipple.

Many photos show the same basic tableau, one or three lingerie-clad pretty women on stage surrounded by scores of tightly-packed men holding up cameras. I like pretty women but hate crowds, so this doesn’t look all that fun to me.


For a change of pace, here’s a tightly-packed group of inflatable dolls surrounded by one guy with a camera.


Someone posted a two-minute exhibition walkthrough video to YouTube. Someone else filmed a booth girl holding a vibrator for two minutes.

Smart Shanghai ran a similar gallery from the 2012 ADC Expo. I think I recognize some of the same dolls.