Trendspotted: Everyone’s Having Sex in Restaurant Restrooms

Here’s a trend story I really, really hope is true. The Washington City Paper reports that Getting It On in Restaurant Restrooms Is More Common Than You Think.

The article relies heavily on interviews with owners and maitre d’s of restaurants mentioned online as good hookup spots. Some are unamused, some are good sports about the free publicity.

When Constantine Stavropoulos first opened Tryst in Adams Morgan, he couldn’t figure out why the wall-mounted sink in the men’s restrooms kept breaking.

“I was really going crazy, like what is going on here?” he recalls. Then he came across a website—he doesn’t remember which—that listed Tryst’s restrooms as a hotspot for, well, trysts.

“I had one of those ah-ha moments,” Stavropoulos says. “That explains everything.” So he installed legs to reinforce the sink. And the lesson stuck with him as he opened other restaurants: Don’t use wall-mounted sinks.

Stavropoulos has just has one request: “I would ask that people please not do it on the baby-changing table for two reasons: 1) Because it will break and 2) that is kind of creepy.”

The City Paper article focuses on relatively upscale restaurants and clubs. But what about fast food restaurants? What about all those folks getting busy in the Burger King (or McDonalds, or Taco Bell) bathrooms?