A Who’s Who of Whores in Game of Thrones

(UPDATED through S5E1, “The Wars to Come”.)

Keeping track of the ever-expanding character lineup of Game of Thrones is no easy task, especially the minor characters. All those bannermen, maesters and minor lords, the grunts of the Night’s Watch and King’s Guard and Dothraki horde, blur together sometimes. Have we seen that guy before? Does he have a name? Thank god for the internet and its legions of folks even geekier than I.

Here I’ll do my part in sorting out one character group: the whores.

Just to be clear, this post is about the TV show. Spoiler alerts apply for everything that follows. This post is aimed at readers who have seen every episode.

A note on language: some other sites have made reference to “sex workers” of Game of Thrones. A more respectful term than “whores”, certainly, but it rings false for this very unrespectful fictional world. Bronn is a “sellsword”, not a “private security contractor”. As Ellaria Sand says when Olyvar addresses her as “my lady”:

Oh, I’m not a lady.

A term of courtesy in this establishment.

A lie, anywhere. Why not use the right words? I’m a bastard. She is a whore. And you’re a, what, a procurer.

Bluntness has value. With all due respect to sex workers fictional and real, we’ll stick with “whores” here.

Sibel Kekilli
20 episodes

Shae first appears in S1E9 “Baelor” as a camp follower with the Lannister army, procured by Bronn for Tyrion on what he fears may be his last night on Earth.


The three bond over a drinking game, and Shae accompanies Tyrion to King’s Landing for a doomed romance.

Shae: Cities make me want to fuck.
Tyrion: And so did the country.

Shae doesn’t quite belong on this list. Shae becomes a major character on the show, and she ceases to work as a “whore” after that first night with Tyrion. We include her here for the sake of completism and bluntness.

Actress Sibel Kekilli was born in West Germany to Turkish immigrant parents. Around 2001-2002 she performed in around a dozen hardcore porn films under the name “Dilara”. In 2004 she broke into mainsteam film with the lead role in German-Turkish film Head-On, for which she won Best Actress at the German Film Awards (aka “the Lolas”). Her porn past became a mini-scandal when Head-On debuted, but she did not let the haters derail her acting career. She won the Best Actress Lola again in 2010 for Die Fremde. So she’s like the Meryl Streep of Germany, or at least the Hilary Swank.

Another cool fact about Sibel Kekilli from Wikipedia: “She supports the organization Terre des Femmes in its work against violence in families of Islamic background. In December 2006, at an anti-domestic violence event run by the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet in Berlin, she stated: ‘I have experienced myself that physical and psychological violence is seen as normal in Muslim families.’ In response, the Turkish consul general left the room.”

For those interested in exploring her early work, Hot Movies has six Dilara titles available. For those who prefer her later work, Netflix has Head-On and Die Fremde (When We Leave).

Esme Bianco
14 episodes

After Shae, Ros has the longest and richest storyline among the Westeros whores. She first appears in S1E1 “Winter is Coming”, in bed with Tyrion (when he was still blond).


She gets namedropped now and then. Once settled at Castle Black and making new friends, Jon Snow tells Samwell that he passed up the opportunity to lose his virginity to a beautiful redhead whore named Ros. When Tyrion leaves Winterfell the second time, Theon tells him to “ask for Ros” at the local brothel. Then in S1E5 “The Wolf and the Lion”, we see Ros again with Theon.


In the next episode, Ros leaves Winterfell for King’s Landing, traveling by turnip truck.


The next episode, S1E7 “You Win or You Die”, features one of GoT’s famous “sexposition” scenes. Ros has quickly found work at Littlefinger’s brothel in King’s Landing. Littlefinger coaches Ros and Armeca on convincingly faking sexual enthusiasm for customers, meanwhile monologuing his own history with the Stark family.

In S1E10 “Fire and Blood”, Ros endures Maester Pycelle’s sycophantic ramblings.


By season 2, Ros has taken on a management role at Littlefinger’s brothel. In S2E1 “The North Remembers”, she is now the one showing new hires Marei and Daisy the ropes. She witnesses Janos Slynt murder brothelmate Mhaegen’s infant. In S2E2 “The Night Lands” she breaks down crying with a customer, after which Littlefinger (at his creepiest) comforts/threatens her.


In S2E4, Ros and Daisy are the two unlucky whores sent to King Joffrey’s room as a gift from Tyrion. As you probably recall, that ends badly.


In the latter half of season 2, Cersei has Ros imprisoned, mistakenly believing her Tyrion’s secret love interest. Varys frees her from prison and recruits her as an informer.

In season 3, Ros continues helping Littlefinger manage the brothel while also spying for Varys. Littlefinger learns of her double-dealing. In revenge, he allows sadistic King Joffrey to torture and kill Ros with his beloved crossbow.


Once again, Game of Thrones kills off the rare decent human being in brutal fashion.

In addition to acting, Esme Bianco has been a lingerie model and neo-burlesque performer.

Roxanne McKee
11 episodes

Doreah first appears in S1E2 “The Kingsroad” as one of Daenerys’s handmaidens. When the subject of dragons arises, Doreah says, “A trader from Qarth told me that dragons come from the moon. … He told me the moon was an egg, khaleesi. That once there were two moons in the sky, but one wandered too close to the sun and it cracked from the heat. Out of it poured a thousand thousand dragons and they drank the sun’s fire.” Foreshadowing! Later in the episode, Daenerys asks Doreah for sex tips.


(Axel Braun’s porn parody This Ain’t Game of Thrones XXX featured an embellished reenactment of this scene starring Spencer Scott and Kristen Price.)

Doreah’s backstory (explained more in the books): her mother sold her to a “pleasure house” in Lys when she was nine; she served as a “bedslave” there for fifteen years; Illyrio Mopatis (at whose villa Daenerys and Viserys are staying in the first episode) purchased her, then Viserys purchased her for Daenerys.

So when the series begins, Doreah is still a slave but no longer a “bedslave”, more a sexual advisor and handmaiden to Daenerys. As we see in S1E4 “Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things”, however, she is still expected to service icky Viserys.


In that same episode, Daenerys sends Doreah to invite Viserys to dinner. Asshole big brother beats and drags Doreah in response to this indignity.

Doreah remains part of Daenerys’s retinue through the rest of seasons one and two. Once in Qarth, in S2E5 “The Ghost of Harrenhal”, Daenerys tells Doreah “men talk when they are happy”, a not-so-subtle request that Doreah seduce city leaders and elicit information. After the theft of her dragons, Daenerys believes Doreah has been killed. In S2E10 “Valar Morghulis”, however, she finds Doreah in bed with the duplicitous Xaro Xhoan Daxos, and she locks them both in a vault.


And that’s the last we see of Doreah. She and Xaro could have survived, but it’s unlikely considering Xaro’s insistence that his vault is impregnable without the key he wears around his neck.

Masie Dee
3 episodes

Daisy has a short but memorable run in season two. She first appears in S2E1 “The North Remembers” as a new hire at Baelish’s brothel in King’s Landing, getting the tour from manager Ros.


Ros: We do things differently here, Daisy. This isn’t some five-copper bawdy house in Hastings Hall.
Daisy: Haystack Hall.
Ros: Wherever you’re from.

In S2E3 “What is Dead May Never Die”, Daisy is in bed with Grand Maester Pycelle when Bronn and Tyrion come to arrest him. Afterward Tyrion gives her two coins for her trouble.


Then in S2E4 “Garden of Bones”, Ros and Daisy are the two whores waiting for King Joffrey in his chambers.


In one of the most disturbing scenes on the show, Joffrey orders Ros at crossbowpoint to beat Daisy. We never find out if Daisy died or survived that night (I like to think she’s recuperating in Dorne at Tyrion’s expense), but that’s her last appearance on the show.

Masie Dee was a British pornstar before (and since) getting the Game of Thrones gig. Hot Movies has 48 Masie Dee titles, including many for Abby Winters.

Sahara Knite
4 episodes

Armeca first appears in S1E7 “You Win or You Die”, when she and Ros receive tutoring from Littlefinger in the subtle art of feigning excitement with clients.



Armeca appears again working in Baelish’s brothel in S2E1 “The North Remembers”. She doesn’t have any lines, but Ros speaks of her: “she pretends she doesn’t speak the Common Tongue so that people will think she’s exotic … she grew up just down the road in Flea Bottom” (a slum neighborhood in King’s Landing).

She appears again in S2E2 “The Night Lands”, featured in a notorious bit of grossout humor.


Armeca finally gets some speaking lines in S2E9 “Blackwater” (apparently she dropped the “can’t speak the Common Tongue” ruse), where she sits on Bronn’s lap in a tavern before the big battle.


Sahara Knite is a British pornstar of Indian descent. In 2006 Nona Walia interviewed Sahara Knite for the Times of India, in which she called herself “an Indian Muslim girl from Gujarat. My parents moved to London in the 60s. My family is very conservative, but I grew up as a rebel.” Hot Movies has 100+ Sahara Knite titles in its collection.

Josephine Gillan
5 episodes

Marei first appears in S2E1 “The North Remembers”, bouncing up and down and loudly faking ecstasy. Zoom back to reveal that she is receiving brothel training from Ros, who tells her “Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound?”


Marei appears again in s2e2 “The Night Lands”, spied through a peephole.

Then in S3E3 “Walk of Punishment”, Marei is one of three whores presented to squire Podrick in gratitude for his service at the Battle of Blackwater. Tyrion introduces her as “quite the spearhandler herself”.


In S4E1 “Two Swords”, Marei impresses Ellaria Sand as “not timid” and gets chosen from the lineup. Did you recognize her as a recurring character? I did not, even though it was her fourth episode. Then again, I’m bad with faces.


In S4E3 “Breaker of Chains”, we see Marei with Ellaria, Oberyn and Olyver in a brothel orgy, before Tywin awkwardly interrupts.

According to IMDB, Marei will be returning for at least one episode in season 5.

Before getting her big mainstream break, she did several photo and video shoots for the Abby Winters alt-porn empire using the name “Lacie”. Our AEBN-powered theater has 6 Lacie @ Abby Winters videos available for streaming or download. (Thanks to commenters below for the tip.)

Josephine Gillan’s IMDB page identifies her as an “experienced actress, model, singer and dancer”. Her twitter feed at @OfficialMarei is filled with playful, sexy geekery.

Will Tudor
4 episodes

Olyvar first appears in S3E5 “Kissed by Fire”, squiring for and then seducing Loras “Knight of Flowers” Tyrell. A fortuitous encounter? Afterwards Olyvar reports back to Littlefinger, revealing that Olyvar was a spy all along.


Olyvar appears again in S4E1 “Two Swords”, now working as host in Littlefinger’s brothel. (Again, I did not immediately remember him on first viewing.) Prince Oberyn then hires Olyvar, who initially insists he’s “not on offer” but soon assents.


Olyvar appears again in S4E3 “Breaker of Chains” in a pile of bodies with Ellaria, Oberyn and Marei, listening to Oberyn explain the benefits of bisexuality.


Olyvar shows up again in bed with Loras in S5E1 “The Wars to Come”. Their pillow talk includes the prospect of travelling together, which suggests an ongoing dalliance since their season 3 meeting.

Pixie Le Knot
2 episodes

Contortionist and burlesque performer Pixie Le Knot makes two memorable appearances as Kayla. In S3E3 “Walk of Punishment” she is one of three whores presented to squire Podrick. Tyrion calls her “one of four women in the world who can perform a proper Meereenese Knot”.


And in S4E2 “The Lion and the Rose”, Kayla poses on a platform at the wedding reception, where Oberyn and Ellaria admire her talent.


See more of Pixie Le Knot’s work at her personal site pixieleknot.co.uk

Mole’s Town Whore
Lois Winstone
2 episodes

Lois Winstone plays the Mole’s Town brothelkeeper where Samwell drops off Gilly in S4E3 “Breaker of Chains”. This character never gets a name.


Then in S4E8 “The Mountain and the Viper”, she entertains brothel patrons by belching popular songs, torments poor Gilly (“keep that baby quiet, or I will”), and finally takes a spear to the midriff from Ygritte.

Several other Mole’s Town whores appear in the background of this scene, with no speaking lines unless you count laughing at the boss’s jokes.

Antonia Christophers
2 episodes

Ned Stark tracks down Mhaegen, mother of King Robert’s bastard baby Barra, in S1E5 “The Wolf and the Lion”.


She tells the Hand of the King, “And tell him I’ve been with no one else. I swear it m’lord, by the old gods and new.” It’s hard to square this statement with the fact that Mhaegen lives and works at Baelish’s brothel, but she seems sweet so we won’t press the point.

Then in S2E1 “The North Remembers”, the King’s Guard raids the brothel and Janos Slynt murders the infant Barra (on the orders of King Joffrey, we later learn).


Lhara & Unnamed Braavos Whore
Sarine Sofair & Samantha Bentley
1 episode

In S4E6 “The Laws of Gods and Men”, we find pirate captain Salladhor Saan in an upscale Braavos brothel, lounging in the luxurious tiled baths with two whores. This place is even nicer than Littlefinger’s establishment in King’s Landing, with soft mood lighting and complimentary bowls of grapes.


When Davos arrives, Salladhor Saan introduces the brunette as “Lhara”, but the redhead interrupts with “I’m Lhara”. We never do learn the brunette’s name.

The credits bill the brunette actress as Samantha McEwan, but she is better known as British pornstar Samantha Bentley. Hot Movies has 70+ Samantha Bentley titles available for viewing.

According to IMDB, McEwan/Bentley will make two more appearances in season 5. Maybe we will find out the character’s name next time.

Unnamed Meereen Whore
Meena Rayann
1 episode

In S5E1 “The Wars to Come”, an Unsullied soldier named White Rat visits a prostitute in the Meereen red light district. Since the Unsullied have all been castrated by their former slave masters, he doesn’t go for sex, he just wants her to hold and caress and sing to him.


It’s a very sweet and gentle scene. Hah! This is Game of Thrones, where sweet and gentle rarely lasts long.

According to IMDB, Meena Rayann will make at least one more appearance in season 5.

Two whores have appeared twice without speaking lines or character names.

Emily Diamond appears briefly as a whore in Baelish’s brothel in S1E3 “Lord Snow” and S1E5 “The Wolf and the Lion”.


Dennis Stokes appears as an unnamed male whore in S2E1 “The North Remembers” and S2E2 “The Night Lands”, both times underneath Marei.


And finally, a handful of whores have made one-off appearances.

Genna (Kylie Harris) is the first of three whores presented to Podrick in S3E3 “Walk of Punishment”.


Mirelle (Elisa Lasowski) has a scene with Bronn in S3E1 “Valar Dohaeris”. She orders him to remove her panties with his teeth, but Podrick arrives to cut the date short.


Talitha Luke-Eardley plays the unnamed Yunkai’i camp follower on Mero’s lap in S3E8 “Second Sons”.


Kristen Gillespie plays the “too timid” whore in S4E1 “Two Swords”.


The third whore in the S4E1 “Two Swords” lineup doesn’t get a name or much to do. I can’t even find the actress’s name.


Xena Avramidis plays an unnamed female blonde whore in the orgy scene in S4E3 “Breaker of Chains”.


In S5E1 “The Wars to Come”, Unsullied soldier White Rat passes two working girls in a Meereenese alley, neither of whom gets a speaking line or character name, before arriving at his destination.


Did we miss anyone?