Game of Thrones S4E6 Recap: New Brothel, New Whores

Every single site on the internet now does Game of Thrones episode recaps, and here at Daze Reader we’re all about jumping on trends.

(Spoilers for Game of Thrones season 4 episode 6, “The Laws of Gods and Men” after the jump.)

For the sake of avoiding repetition, since you’ve probably already read twenty of these things, this recap will focus on Daze Reader‘s particular area of interest. So one guy got an axe to the skull, another got his throat cut, fighting, biting, groveling for a bank loan, a dragon ate some goats, but most importantly … we visited a new brothel and met some new whores.

This brothel is in Braavos. It has luxurious tiled baths and nice mood lighting and complimentary bowls of grapes. Pirate captain Salladhor Saan lounges in the baths with two whores.


When Davos arrives, Salladhor Saan introduces the brunette as “Lhara”, but the redhead (played by Sarine Sofair) interrupts with “I’m Lhara”. We never do learn the brunette’s name (using credits process of elimination, the actress seems to be Samantha McEwan).

Oh, and there was a trial. I generally don’t like long trial scenes on TV shows, but Game of Thrones managed to make even that interesting. If Law and Order had brought in Charles Dance to fill the Sam Waterston role, it might have lasted a couple more seasons.