Egyptian Imam Accuses Opponents of Waging “Anal Jihad”

MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) monitors TV broadcasts in various countries and posts subtitled clips on their website, with special emphasis on religious nuttiness and hatemongering. I check their video list every now and then, though not as often as I used to.

Recently they posted a nutty segment featuring muslim televangelist (telimam?) Mazhar Shahin on Al-Tahrir TV in Egypt. MEMRI titled the clip Egyptian Propaganda: Fatwa Permits “Anal Jihad” for Muslim Brotherhood Members.


As far as I can figure, Mazhar Shahin supports the current Egyptian regime and opposes the recently overthrown Muslim Brotherhood. Basically this “Anal Jihad” rant is one homophobic asshole slandering other homophobic assholes by accusing them of having lots of gay sex, or at least tolerating gay sex in their ranks. No doubt the MB responded, shut up, we’re not gay, you’re totally gay.


Whatever the context, we can all agree that “Anal Jihad” is a magnificent phrase. Just try saying “Anal Jihad” without chuckling. Cynics might suspect that Daze has a childish sense of humor and posted this item just for the fun of writing “Anal Jihad” over and over, and the cynics would be right.