Dating Naked Jessie Nizewitz Sues VH1 Over Excess Nudity

Jessie Nizewitz was a contestant on the third episode of VH1 reality show Dating Naked. Today we learn that she is suing Viacom and two production companies for failing to fully blur her naked privates, asking $10 million for her “severe extreme emotional distress, mental anguish, humiliation and embarrassment”.

Reading the headline, my first reaction (like most people’s, I assume) was: “she voluntarily signed on for a reality show called Dating Naked, and now she’s embarrassed to be seen naked on television?” Then I read that her complaint dealt with “uncensored images of Plaintiff’s vagina and anus, which was not part of the bargain”.

So my second reaction (like most men’s, I assume) was to track down these uncensored images of Jessie Nizewitz’s vagina and anus. Google, The Superficial, got it — Here’s Jessie Nizewitz’s Unblurred Vagina That She’s Suing VH1 $10 Million For Airing.

Yep, that’s an uncensored view of her vagina and anus alright. Daze Reader‘s legal analyst predicts that Nizewitz will get a decent settlement, not $10 million but maybe high six figures.

There are a bunch of these basic cable naked reality shows around now. Each show has post-production staff whose job involves strategically blurring every nipple and butthole and genital area while leaving enough sideboob and buttcrack to keep viewers interested. You would expect that the producers and networks would have redundant processes of review before an episode gets to broadcast and that it would be impossible for something this blatant to slip through. But that’s apparently what happened.

Then again, what if it wasn’t an accident? These shows thrive on titillation and tease. Viewers (talking mostly male viewers here) get to enjoy the butts and denipplified breasts, knowing realistically they won’t see more but still hoping for more on some horny lizard brain level. And from now on, every viewer of Dating Naked or Naked and Afraid or Naked Vegas will have that deep tickling memory, there was that one time they showed everything, and be slightly more likely to stay tuned. Would that effect be worth $1 million or so to the naked reality show industry?