Madison Young on Extreme Guide to Parenting

The Soup is essential viewing for anyone who likes to stay informed about trashy pop culture with minimum time and braincell commitment. Knowing just enough about the Kardashians-Bachelors-Ducks-Housewives ghetto to snark knowingly, without actually having to watch any of those shows, is a safe and sane compromise.

The latest Soup episode revealed the existence of a reality show called Extreme Guide to Parenting.

She looked familiar. How many pale ginger nerdy sex-positive pornstars who do hanging rope bondage named Madison could there be? Sure enough, that’s Madison Young, pornstar, director, sexpert, artist and author.

Bravo network’s site has a nice Young-Mogul family portrait and more episode clips.

Moving between porn and reality TV has become very common nowadays. Even though Bravo’s “extreme” reality format holds up Madison Young and partner James Mogul (and all the other featured parents) as eccentrics for maximum shock and buzz value, there’s also something very heartwarming about these scenes. Seeing joyful, uninhibited kinkiness and loving, conscientious parenting depicted as perfectly compatible is a positive step.

So kudos to Bravo and Young. But I’m still not planning to watch any more of the show.