Game of Thrones Recap – Two Brothel Scenes in S5E3 High Sparrow

Our occasional Game of Thrones recaps focus narrowly on the brothels and prostitutes. Core competency and all.

This week’s episode, “High Sparrow”, featured two brothel scenes. The first took place in the main King’s Landing brothel we’ve visited many times before, currently administered by Olyvar for absentee owner Littlefinger. Pervy religious leader “the High Septon” solemnly chose from six prostitutes dressed up as the gods from the Faith of the Seven pantheon.

The closing credits named all six actresses from this scene. A little online research allowed me to figure out who was who, mostly.

Rebecca Scott played “the Maiden” (right in still). She’s the one whose pubes appear in closeup just before the religious fanatics burst in to ruin the party. Hometown paper the Berwick Advertiser proudly noted, Local actress appears in Game of Thrones.

Samantha Bentley played “the Stranger” (left in still), sporting a kicky hairdo which could become the hot new hipster look once purplish-gray dye is played out.


Xena Avramidis wore a stylish red leather and wool ensemble. The actress posted some set photos on her Twitter feed — one, two, three — which let you see the costume more clearly. This character appeared previously in a season four orgy scene with Oberon and friends.

Portia Victoria posted two screenshots to Twitter. She appears at screen right in both shots.

Em Scribbler and Rosie Ruthless played the other two prostitutes in the scene, but I’m not sure which is which.

The second scene took us to a new locale, the “free city” of Volantis where slavery still thrives. Tyrion and Varys visited a brothel there, inadvertently crossing paths with Jorah Mormont (aka Lord Friendzone). Two prostitutes appeared prominently in this scene. The one made up to resemble Daenerys Targaryen, L.A. Confidential style, was played by … Samantha Bentley. Yep, two different brothels, two different characters, same episode, same actress. And last season, she played another prostitute in a Braavos brothel.

The actress posted a bunch of screenshots to Twitter highlight her multiple Game of Thrones roles — one, two, three, four. According to IMDB, she will appear in at least one more episode this season.

Samantha Bentley is a very well-known British pornstar. Hot Movies has more than 70 of her titles available for viewing.

The episode’s final prostitute, “Clea” played by Gwyneth Keyworth, has a conversation with Tyrion Lanister. Perhaps you recognized the actress from her two-episode stint on the excellent show Misfits, which starred Iwan Rheon among others. (If not, I highly recomment Misfits, at least the first two seasons.)


Will Clea be a recurring character? We know Tyrion has a thing for brainy prostitutes.