World’s First Successful Penis Reduction Surgery for Florida Teenager

In its March 2015 issue, the Journal of Sexual Medicine announced what might be the world’s first successful penis reduction surgery.

The subject was a 17-year-old boy in Florida who had a penis
“too large for intercourse”. Everyone’s first reaction is, What male would consider a really large penis to be a problem? And would actually have surgery to “fix” this problem?

The research paper’s authors cheekily addressed this obvious response in their title: The Reduction Corporoplasty: The Answer to the Improbable Urologic Question “Can You Make My Penis Smaller?”

penis-reduction-surgery-xray-jpg Once you read the case details and see the freakish X-ray, the boy’s distress makes more sense. His penis was not just large, it was malformed due to sickle cell disease. A weird science article in the Daily Mail described its pre-surgery condition:

When flaccid, it measured almost seven inches in length and had a circumference of 10 inches – around the size of a grapefruit.

Surgeons described it as being shaped like an American football.

The teenager had suffered from several bouts of priapism – an unwanted erection, due to having a condition in which abnormally-shaped blood cells block vessels in the penis, causing it to swell.

Though his penis was so large, it did not grow when he had erections – it merely became firmer.

An American football is 11 inches long and 21 inches in circumference in the middle, so the shape is indeed similar but not the actual size. A better comparison might be a large yam.

Still thinking “that sounds like a medical problem I’d like to have”? Not me.

The surgery was a success, and the patient went home after two days of recuperation.

“It’s slightly longer and slightly thicker than the average male, but now it looks symmetrical, and the patient was very satisfied,” [surgeon Rafael Carrion] said.

The teen now has no problem having normal erections and has full sensation.

“It looks cosmetically appealing, and he said it was a life-changing event, he’s all smiles,” said Carrion.

Carrion noted that more research has been devoted to penis enhancement techniques than to penis reduction, so far with little success. “Lord knows there’s a global race on how to make it longer and thicker in plastic surgery circles, but very little on how to make it smaller”.

It’s hardly surprising to hear that the world is full of mad scientists working to find some method of turning normal penes into giant Frankenpenes. Whoever gets there first will be a very, very rich mad scientist.

What will happen when this procedure becomes available? Will enhanced penes become as common as enhanced boobs in the future? Will that be a good thing or a bad thing or no big deal?