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Every single site on the internet now does Game of Thrones episode recaps, and here at Daze Reader we're all about jumping on trends. (Spoilers for Game of Thrones season 4 episode 6, "The Laws of Gods and Men" after the jump.) For the sake of avoiding repetition, since you've probably already read twenty of [...]

Animal Sex Roundup

Strange happenings around the wild kingdom ... National Geographic shocker: Hostile Female Spiders Eat Males Before Mating. For many spiders, mating is a risky proposal. Not only are they exposed to predators while in the act, but copulation can end when the female eats the male. [...] New observations reveal that some females don’t even [...]

A Who’s Who of Whores in Game of Thrones

(UPDATED through S5E1, "The Wars to Come".) Keeping track of the ever-expanding character lineup of Game of Thrones is no easy task, especially the minor characters. All those bannermen, maesters and minor lords, the grunts of the Night's Watch and King's Guard and Dothraki horde, blur together sometimes. Have we seen that guy before? Does [...]

The 2014 Feminist Porn Awards took place in Toronto the first weekend in April. Host Good for Her has the complete winners list. Several participants have posted long, photo-filled writeups of the weekend: Ms Naughty ... Tristan Taormino ... Jiz Lee ... Chris Lowrance ... Pandora Blake. I didn't attend and have nothing to add [...]

Semen Facials as Beauty Treatment?

Sex writer and workshop leader Stella Ralfini has revealed her favorite anti-aging secret: semen face masks. Ralfini wrote on her blog last month: During my time in India, when I was studying a lovemaking method called Tantra, I came across one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen. She told me she was in [...]

YouTube channel Cinema History has posted the 1897 George Méliès film Après le bal, "FULL & UNCENSORED", billing it as the "first adult movie". As you probably expected, it's quite tame by "adult movie" standards of any later era. (The fact that the full, uncensored film can be uploaded to YouTube should have been a [...]

A few days ago Daze Reader joined in the media frenzy over the discovery of new Brazilian bug species in which the females wield a "penetrating erectile organ" during sex. Most pop science headlines used variations of "the females have the penises!" This blog was no different: Females With Penises Mount and Penetrate Males. Annalee [...]

Here's a trend story I really, really hope is true. The Washington City Paper reports that Getting It On in Restaurant Restrooms Is More Common Than You Think. The article relies heavily on interviews with owners and maitre d’s of restaurants mentioned online as good hookup spots. Some are unamused, some are good sports about [...]

Scientific American summarizes research published in the academic journal Current Biology. Female Insect Uses Spiky Penis to Take Charge. Subheading: "A cave insect's marathon sex sessions extract nourishment along with sperm from a reluctant male." Did that grab your attention? In desolate caves throughout Brazil live insects that copulate for days, the female's penetrating erectile [...]

Sotheby's Hong Kong gallery is hosting "Gardens of Pleasure: Sex in Ancient China, An Exhibition of the Ferdinand M. Bertholet Collection" through May 3, 2014. Good article about the show: "Erotic art offers glimpse of China's 'lost' sexual philosophy" by Aaron Tam for AFP. Dutch art collecter Bertholet has been collecting these pieces since his [...]